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Enshi Grand Canyon Village Resort is the daughter of Hubei Province, Western Hubei eco cultural tourism circle investment company wholly-owned subsidiary of Enshi Tourism Investment Group foreign tourist resort four comprehensive hotel

Hubei Province, Western Hubei eco cultural tourism circle Investment Limited is approved by the Hubei provincial government in the establishment of the state-owned large-scale professional investment company, in May 7, 2009 officially running. The company by the provincial government, Yichang, Xiangfan, Shiyan, Jingzhou, Jingmen, Enshi, Suizhou, Shennongjia and other 8 cities (state, forest) and the China Three Gorges Corporation, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Hubei Yihua group, Hubei Hongxin asset management limited liability company and other large enterprises joint venture, the registered capital of 1020000000 yuan owned by the provincial government.

Enshi Tourism Group Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province, Western Hubei eco cultural tourism circle Investment Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of. Belonging to the provincial sasac. The company was incorporated in December 6, 2011 February 9, 2012, Enshi Tourism Group Co., Ltd. in Enshi officially inaugurated. Company engaged in investment and management of tourism projects, transportation projects; real estate development (with a valid operating certificate); since the hotel operation and management; has built large-scale commercial region is China Merchants; cultural organizations to plan activities; art and culture; the Convention and exhibition services; tourism project planning and design of tourism; tourism information service; handicraft production and sales; foreign trade import and export business (countries have special provisions from its provisions).

Enshi Grand Canyon daughter village resort hotel is located in Enshi Grand Canyon daughter village tourism style town core area, adjacent to the dense population of visitors transfer center. Daughter of village tourism style town by excavating local Tujia ethnic culture, to "daughter" culture as the theme, create meet the Enshi Grand Canyon tourist service facilities, to show the national culture, to build a regional soil seedlings in the tourism center of the tourism destination, is a set of ecological sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, fitness, folk custom experience of international ecological community multi function as one of the integrated tourism project. The whole project planning scope wide things about 600m, about 1700m long from north to south, with an area of about 368 acres, planning a total of 588 acres of land, including the Grand Canyon Scenic Spot transfer center covers an area of 220 acres. Project direct investment of about 1200000000, at the appointed time will attract about 1000000 tourists every year.

Enshi Grand Canyon daughter village resort is divided into four regions, construction area of 23000 square meters, comprehensive hotel set catering, accommodation, conference, the function of entertainment, leisure and other integrated. The hotel has more than 212 various types of rooms (sets), 407 beds, with a national style of the lobby bar, teahouse, chess room, can accommodate 300 people meeting center, 500 people dining at the same time the Chinese and Western restaurants, in addition, the hotel also has a business center, shopping malls, cafes, boutiques, etc.. A hotel with the critical regionalism and the western Hubei Tujia "daughter" culture and the wonder of the Grand Canyon natural scenery, the combination of the design concept, and the full integration of the original natural ecological landscape of the overall architectural style, will become a major feature of buildings in Enshi.

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