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Corporate Culture
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The hotel lobby

Enterprise culture

- our mission: to create wealth to cultivate talents in service to the society and serve the country

Business philosophy: customer first honesty -

- management philosophy: people-oriented management system of giving priority to efficiency

- the spirit of enterprise under the request of

1, the idea of work:

Integrity: honest and law-abiding, self-discipline; not to steal, not corruption, don't forget honour at the prospect of profits, not to provide qualified products and service for the customer; copy of this part person, do things.

Modest: learn humility, courtesy, not arrogant, not enemies, do not fight, not by his appearance to the guest; behave in a civilized manner, appropriate language, enthusiastic help, active service.

Serious: perfect details, the pursuit of perfection; security relationship you I, responsibility be weightier than Mount Tai, every post is the last working procedure;

Hard work: hardship is a kind of savings; people who win first wins, eat bitter, leading to human.

Hard work: dedication, perseverance, dedication, go to all lengths responsibility; force Tuqiang, winning team.

Innovation: rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, new knowledge, sharing a win-win situation together; beyond the self, to provide satisfactory service to customers 120%.

2, the norms of behavior:

Thrift shameful waste -- to save every drop of electricity every drop of oil to pay attention to the details of saving

Civilization hospitality service with a smile -- every employee represents the daughter Village Resort Hotel

The first dry is low-key efficient -- salary is not out of the dry out

The target first dedication proud -- is the home with the hotel I do what little one can to help my family

The solidarity of fair competition -- create simple, relaxed, harmonious working atmosphere

Adhere to the principle of love -- the silt but don't dye Qinglian Zhuo and not demon straight - in

Attention to detail perfect service -- with impeccable service to conquer picky customer

Be loyal to their duties to protect the safety of the first prevention -- main security

Not afraid of the difficulties the courage to challenge -- When cut a road. water bypass

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