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One, hotel investment planning

The Enshi Grand Canyon Village Resort Hotel is the daughter of the tourism investment wholly owned subsidiary of the Enshi Tourism Investment Group foreign tourist resort comprehensive four Stars Hotel

The hotel is located in Enshi Grand Canyon daughter village tourism style town core area, adjacent to the dense population of visitors Transfer Center

The daughter of village tourism style town by excavating local Tujia ethnic culture, to "daughter" culture as the theme, create meet the Enshi Grand Canyon tourist service facilities, to show the national culture, to build a regional soil seedlings in the tourism center of the tourism destination.

The set is the ecological sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, fitness, folk custom experience of international ecological community as one multi-functional integrated tourism project

The whole project planning range East-West width of about 600m, about 1700m long from north to south, with an area of about 368 acres, planning a total of 588 acres of land, including the Grand Canyon Scenic Spot transfer center covers an area of 220 acres. Project direct investment of about 1200000000, at the appointed time will attract about 1000000 tourists every year

Hotel location

The daughter village hotel is a set catering, accommodation, meeting various, entertainment, leisure and other functions in one comprehensive four Stars Hotel.

The hotel has always adhere to the "customer first, integrity-based" service concept, and always adhere to the "people-oriented, system management, benefit priority" principle.

Three, architectural style hotel

The critical regionalism, built close to the mountains, for the reinforced concrete frame of brick and wood structure

The beams to wear, upper board was vacant floor, exquisite and elegant; building around three sides of a vacant corridor, corridor handrails along with Mulan, paint, lean on a railing viewing

The "daughter" in Tujia culture as the theme, the original ecological landscape fusion of stilted building of Tujia nationality, Miao Qiang housing construction and architectural concept, fully reflects the permeation of multi nationality culture and fusion, is a major feature of Enshi Miao Qiang culture in the soil

Four, the size of the hotel

The construction area of 27000 square meters, has a total of more than 212 various types of rooms (sets), 406 beds

The 212 rooms housing landscape with unique ethnic decoration, modern LCD TV, wireless network, enable you to enjoy the quiet and leisurely nature at the same time, also can know all kinds of information about the outside world

Five, the hotel Food

The use of various types of natural ecological health ingredients, cooking delicious Food meticulously for you

The strong regional ethnic decoration style, activate your tongue, warm your heart

Six, the hotel and other commercial configuration

To have different types of meeting rooms of different sizes, and a large multi-purpose conference center can accommodate 300 people, VIP reception room

It is equipped with soil Miao ethnic style of the lobby bar, teahouse, chess room, Coffee hall, business center, boutique

Seven, the hotel name origin

The Enshi Grand Canyon daughter village resort hotel name originated from Enshi Xianfeng daughter stockaded village

The daughter of Hubei Enshi Xianfeng County Zhai Tang Yahe upstream of the Qiang village, known as "the last China central Shangri-La".

The "daughter, daughter stockaded village, her daughter still walled daughter." In the early years of the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing, the Chuanjiang River area of the White Lotus Society uprising against the Qing government a relegated to the daughter stockaded village, one armed, and God has the origin of detachment of women

Eight, the daughter can custom

Enshi Tujia daughter, known as the "Oriental Valentine's Day" or "Tujia Valentine's Day", originated in the Enshi city of the lime kiln and the top of the hill.

Generally, the annual Lunar New Year on July 7th to 12 these days, is the traditional "daughter" auspicious, first popular in Enshi lime kiln, the peak area, has now developed into the national festival of Quanzhou.

The main feature of song is independent media, mate. Then, with the young girl, also married women to participate in, looking for people through the form Duige or with the old Valentine's date, smooth feelings.

For a daughter's will, a young woman dressed in festive costumes, own the most beautiful clothes to wear, accustomed to long wear on the inside, little wear on the outside, a more than a short, layer upon layer can be seen, that the "bright suriko" or commonly known as the "three water", and wear his best gold and silver jewelry".

Daughter will one day, the girls put in the basket back to produce goods placed on both sides of the street, himself firmly sitting upside down basket carried on the back, waiting for the right person to buy things.

The young man is on the shoulder inclined Ku a basket carried on the back, such as shape and pay no heed to the home, strike up a conversation in front of the girl, the two sides discourse harmony, opportunities have, went to the street outside the jungle to catch the "daughter", the woman asked the male answer form Duige, exchanging Heartsongs, to life.

According to legend, Tujia "daughter" originated in the Ming Dynasty, has a history of over 400 years, the Qing emperor Yong Zheng 13 years (1735), the implementation of the "chieftain", "daughter" is prohibited.

Xin Hai revolution, "daughter" popular again. In twentieth Century, after 80 years, the state of Enshi, held each year to show ethnic customs of the grand daughter. Our daughter village hotel is also actively developing daughter of folk culture.

Nine, the hotel representative of folk culture

Enshi folk song: features: fresh Qiyan, subtle sorrow, local customs, be immersed in love

The main representative works "Dragon Boat melody" "six tea" "yellow four" sister "wedding song" "Hargreaves Za" etc.

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